Inspirational Designs Rings


From meaningful inscriptions to evocative shapes, these inspirational designs rings are infused with symbolism. Discover rings that speak to love, friendship, strength and more. Find the perfect ring for yourself or a loved one.

The power of a ring lies in its ability to connect us to our most important people and to the world around us. That’s why we offer a variety of styles to suit a range of interests. From minimalist rings to birthstone rings, cross rings and more, we have the perfect piece for you or someone you love.

A touch of the unexpected can transform a ring into something completely new. For instance, London-based designer Rachel Boston turns the idea of an engagement ring on its head with her Aelia design, suspending a hexagon step cut diamond under a thick band of gold. Similarly, former architecture student Elena Sardo’s Roots and Wings ring features dynamic branches of white gold that cradle a peridot center stone.

Inspirational designs are at the heart of this collection, with designers taking their cues from the natural and the abstract for pieces that merge artisanal craftsmanship with modern fine jewellery. Geneva-based Boghossian jewellers, for example, craft dazzling technically accomplished gems with contemporary silhouettes and well-crafted forms that embody meaning. Their Kissing ring pushes the boundaries of what a ring can do, with a coloured aquamarine ring that slots into a thin band of emeralds. While the asymmetrical pairing is playful, it’s also a dazzling demonstration of how opposites can attract. inspirational designs rings

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