How to Get the Best Boat Cleaning Near Me


Whether you like sailing along the coast or going deep-sea fishing, it’s important to keep your boat clean and looking its best. A good cleaning extends the useful lifespan of surfaces that are exposed to the elements, and it can also help you sell your boat for more money when it comes time to upgrade or retire.

The most common surface on boats that need regular cleaning is the hull. This is because it’s where salt deposits and oil from leaking engines can collect, leaving it looking dull or dingy. A good hull cleaner can quickly and effectively remove these contaminants, returning your boat’s shine. It’s also important to use a hull cleaner that won’t damage your wax or polish, and it’s wise to follow up with a fresh coat of boat wax to protect the new-look finish.

Marine vinyl is found on many types of boat seating, and it should be washed regularly with gentle soap and water. Tough stains can be attacked with a dedicated vinyl cleaner, and then the fabric should be rinsed thoroughly before being treated with a waterproofing formula. Keeping the vinyl as dry as possible can help prevent mold and mildew, and you should also apply a vinyl protectant after each wash to prolong its life.

Teak decks are a feature on some boats, and they can look lovely, but they’re also prone to staining and darkening. Simple scrub-downs with soapy water can help, but to really get the most out of your teak you’ll need to use a specialized wood cleaner. These are available in mild one-part solutions or stronger two-part chemicals, and you’ll need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to a T.

Fiberglass with molded-in non-skid is found in many boats of all kinds, and this surface also needs to be regularly washed and cleaned. However, this surface can’t be protected with a traditional wax because it would make it slippery and defeat the purpose of having the non-skid molded in in the first place. Rather, you’ll want to treat it with a special non-skid protectant that contains polymers that won’t leave your boat feeling slippery.

The bottom of fiberglass boats can be easily damaged by abrasive brushes or harsh cleaning products, so it’s often best to leave this area of your boat to professional boat cleaners. The pros can use high-pressure power washing to clean off the dirt and grime without damaging the gel coat or paint, and they’ll be sure to use a soft brush and gentle detergents to ensure the fiberglass isn’t scratched or etched. They can also use a high-quality UV protectant to preserve the finish after they’ve washed and polished the fiberglass. This is a job that’s well worth paying for, as the results will speak for themselves boat cleaning near me

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