How to Age Up Pets in Sims 4

How to Age Up Pets in Sims 4

How to Age Up Pets in Sims 4

EA has revealed the next expansion for The Sims 4 and it’s a pet-themed one! The Cats & Dogs expansion will release on November 10.

With this expansion, players can customize their own cats and dogs using the powerful Create A Pet tool. This enables them to customize everything from their breed and coat coloration, to personality traits.

Life expectancy

Pet Sims, like humans, can succumb to various causes of death. While some causes such as being frozen to death are rarer occurrences than others, pet Sims still face the possibility of succumbing.

Freezing (Hypothermia): If a Sim stays outside for too long in cold temperatures or becomes starved and doesn’t thaw out, they will freeze to death. This occurs faster if they are sick or dehydrated, but can also happen on its own.

Blunt Force Trauma: If a Sim fails to open or close their murphy bed properly, they could be crushed to death. Vendor machines also have the potential for crushing someone if they slam it while trying to obtain free candy or soda.

Flies: When Sims step over an area that’s dirty and filled with fly-infested objects, there’s a possibility that they could form an aggressive swarm. Servos are immune from this risk as they can hide in an enclosed space to avoid contact with flys.

Fire: Unfortunately, if a Sim is unfortunate enough to get caught in a fire, they are likely to perish. While this is not an especially common cause of death, it can happen randomly if they use a stove with low cooking skill level.

Electrocution: Sims who attempt to repair broken electrical items with low mechanical skill may become electrocuted and ultimately die from exposure.

Age range

Pets have quickly become one of the most beloved additions to The Sims series, offering players a whole new world of gameplay possibilities.

Sims now have access to an array of pets, such as cats, dogs, lizards and insects. Each has unique traits which shape their behavior in relation to the world around them.

Pets have three life stages; kitten/puppy, adult and elder. These age ranges are much shorter compared to the original Sims games’ lifespans; once they reach their elder stage, death occurs randomly for each pet.

However, there are ways to make your pets grow up faster than they would in the original game. One option is installing lifespan mods that make Sim or pet live a year as one day under certain assumptions.

Chris Hatch and Lazy Duchess created a smart age correct mod which will update existing Sims or pets’ lifespans to correspond with newly installed lifespan mods.

You may wish to combine this mod with other age up mods, as it helps ensure your Sims or pets are properly aged. Doing so helps guarantee their needs and fears are in line with their ages.

Growth rate

Pets in Sims 4 have three life stages: kitten or puppy, adult and elder. Once they reach adulthood, they can be cured by a veterinarian or pass away due to old age. The growth rate of pets is an important factor when aging them up as it determines their survival rate and overall wellbeing.

Sims’ growth rates are determined by their ‘type’; for instance, Werewolves and Witches have different aging rates than humans do. This allows players to adjust aging settings accordingly for different kinds of Sims, which may be beneficial in some cases.

Keep your Sims, their babies and pets contented by providing them with nutritious food, staying hydrated and getting plenty of rest. Make sure they also have access to the toilet and some fresh air periodically – this can be achieved by placing a toilet thought bubble on the floor of their house so they’re encouraged to relieve themselves outdoors.

There are several mods available that can extend a Sim or pet’s aging duration, but it’s best to only install one at a time. Unlike most lifespan mods, these do not affect already existing Sims or pets.

Needs decay

Sims with the Charmer’s Pet trait (an animal charmer’s etiquette) can form bonds with dogs or cats by sharing their positive emotions. This can be a rewarding experience for them and other Sims, since these animals feel happier and heal quicker from illnesses related to pets. To ensure these creatures remain healthy and loved forever, it’s best to provide them with lots of affection along with nutritious food.

By properly ageing up your pets with mods, they may live longer than average due to factors like their lifespan, how quickly they mature and the way you treat them during their teenage years. To be on the safe side, avoid mixing lifespan mods with pregnancy mods or other life stage mods that alter a Sim’s lifespan.

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