Online Personal Training has become a big thing and a lot of fitness influencers are advertising it. Essentially it’s where the trainer works remotely with their clients via Zoom or similar software. This can be used in the home gym or clients can complete their programme from work or elsewhere. The trainer will still offer the same levels of support and accountability as they would in a gym based setting, but this can be done online.

Different trainers will approach Pt Online in slightly different ways, but most will have their clients do a PAR-Q or questionnaire about their goals and then set them up with a workout programme to be completed at home, in their gym of choice, or in a park. They will then check in with their client over Zoom to monitor their progress. Some PTs will also get their clients to film their workouts and give them feedback, while others will schedule weekly calls for a more face to face approach.

Many PTs will also provide their clients with a bespoke nutrition programme to go alongside their exercise regime. This can be as simple as a calorie counting template, or it could include more complex ideas for how to boost performance and get the best out of their body. They may also recommend lifestyle changes such as sleeping habits, diet or dietary supplements.

It’s important to remember that anyone can advertise themselves as an online PT and build up a big following on social media, even if they don’t have the right qualifications to be working one-to-one with clients. Ask what their credentials are before you sign up and be wary of any trainers that don’t have a Level 3 qualification, which is the minimum requirement in the UK. Pt Online

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