Historic Progression of God’s Kingdom


“But we all,Guest Posting with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.”

This Scripture is revealing to us the fact that there is a progressive image of the glory the Lord is leading us to. That means that the Lord is constantly revealing more and more of His Glorious image to His Church and we all, beholding that image and responding to it, are being changed (transformed) into that respective image. That image is being revealed to us directly from the Lord, by the ones that have first received it directly from the Lord, by their spiritual sons and daughters, or by somebody else down the line, depending on where on the spiritual ladder we are standing.

Somebody will say: “Can’t everybody receive their image directly from the Lord?” It depends. There are segments of God’s image which every one of us is responsible personally to acquire from the Lord. Those are connected with our calling, our gifts, graces, anointings the Lord has placed on the inside of us and the things the Lord wants us to develop as fruit of the Spirit, moral character and the like in our own life – e.g. our individuality.

We are indeed responsible to seek the Lord ourselves in all these areas and acquire God’s image that will make us distinctive, set aside for His purposes, personalities.

That is our responsibility and the Lord will hold us accountable for all this.

There’s another area of responsibility that I am talking about here though, and it’s ours as well. This is the responsibility to see, hear, perceive, respond to, and accept God’s Global image, coming from the people He has revealed it to. You see, there’s only one Martin Luther, yet, there are millions of Lutheran followers. There’s only one Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, Elijah, Jesus, Apostle Paul, Wesley, Finney, etc, yet, there were millions called to receive God’s image from them and continue to spread it to the ones after them.

I am talking about those millions that are being classified into the pattern categories we’ve just seen – spiritual sons and daughters, sons and daughters of the initial sons and daughters, and a company of believers (generation), carrying the same spiritual image and anointing as the father.

Now remember, the image of God is a progressive one and the Lord is all the time moving forward, revealing more and more of His Glory. Now we have a responsibility to respond to and accept every new image of God’s Glory that the Lord is revealing. If we don’t, we stop God’s image to our level and respectively, for the next generation. Thus, we become kind of Gehazi type of people, that settle for anything less than God’s best. best clipping path service provider

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