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Whether you’re just starting out, an established voice actor or studio recording professional, we all want to feel connected in a supportive environment. That’s exactly what you get with the network – it’s a place to connect with great talent, fun people and plenty of education and support.

Getting to know the terminology around voice acting is essential for any newcomer to the industry. Voice actors often use shorthand to communicate a lot of information, but it’s important to understand what each term means in order to effectively work with them.

For example, “voice-over” can mean the person doing the recording, or it can refer to the actual audio file. It’s also important to know the difference between a voice-actor and a narrator. A voice-actor is a person who reads from written copy to create a recorded narrated piece of content. A narrator is a person who narrates or voices an entire production.

Many people have a misconception about how much voice acting pays, and the truth is that it doesn’t pay very well unless you have a large audience following your work online. However, it’s still a very attractive career choice because of the flexibility and freedom it offers.

The best UK voices are highly sought-after for commercials, narration, podcasts and other video content. They tend to be comfortable in a wide range of styles, from corporate to documentary, and they have the ability to bring an emotional quality to any script. They’re often able to deliver the right tone and style, and they’re hyper-aware of how each word can affect their audience.

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