Fire fighting water pump is a purpose-driven pump used within a fire sprinkler system to increase water supply pressure to meet the hydraulic design of the fire sprinkler system. The pump is typically powered by electric, diesel or steam and connected to the public underground water supply piping or to a static water source such as a tank, reservoir or lake.

The fire pump is sized by the most demanding factor such as the maximum demand from the spray patterns of the sprinklers or the height that the water must be pumped up to. The pump is housed in a pump room located close to the fire tanks.

There are a number of factors that determine the size of fire pumps including GPM (gallons per minute), PSI (pounds per square inch) and nozzle flow rate. A nozzle flow rate is determined by the flow of water that the nozzle can deliver under rated nozzle pressure. This is not necessarily the same as the maximum nozzle head as friction loss in the pipe can reduce the actual head that a pump is capable of producing.

We carry a full range of electric, diesel and steam driven portable fire fighting water pump These pumps come in a range of sizes with both manual and electric start options. We also have a wide selection of high pressure fire hoses that are available in different diameters. Our application specialists are available to assist in determining what size pump and hose is needed for your particular application.

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