Finding the Right Suit Store


When it comes to getting a new suit, the options are endless. But how do you find a place that’s affordable and fits perfectly? With designer versions that can cost three months’ rent and poorly-made bargain ensembles that might make you groan every time you wear them, finding the right suit store is a challenge.

A few places to check out for off-the-rack suits include Nordstrom Rack, which has a great selection of tuxedos and suits from brands like Calvin Klein and Ted Baker London. They also offer a wide range of sizes and styles, plus you can bring your purchased suit into any Nordstrom location for free alterations.

Banana Republic Factory is another good option, with suits in their “perfect” Ludlow fit that are both slim and classic, made from Italian wool. Their online sizing guides are very helpful, and many of their styles come in double-breasted and classic cuts. They also offer a range of colors and fabrics, including linen and cotton-spandex.

For a slightly more formal look, Bloomingdale’s is worth checking out, with off-the-rack suits in the label-lovers’ price range, but with a contemporary feel. They also carry a few custom-made-to-measure suits. If you’re on a tighter budget and don’t have the cash to invest in a made-to-measure suit, Suit Supply is a good choice. Their off-the-rack suits are a little cheaper than other brands and they have a slim fit across the board. Their custom program is a bit more limited, but it starts at around $500 and lets you customize details like lining, buttons, and silhouette. Suit store

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