Finding a Curly Hairdresser in Melbourne


If you have wavy, curly or textured hair then finding a great haircut isn’t always easy. It’s essential to find a salon that is well-versed in curly hair, understands how to work with your unique strands and can provide you with a flattering haircut that will suit your face shape, lifestyle and curl pattern.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for those looking for a hairdresser that will treat their curls with the love they deserve. Here are a few Gina approved salons across Australia where your locks will be kept looking and feeling fantastic.

Joey Scandizzo Salon

If your curls are in need of some serious TLC then you should be heading straight to this Prahran hair studio. This is one salon that takes curly hair seriously, offering a full consultation to ensure your kinks and coils get their due respect. The team is all about the ‘Curl Girl Method’, which is a way of cutting curly hair that allows it to be styled with minimal fuss and tangles.

Mousey Brown

The team at this Byron Bay salon are all about curls, delivering a cut that is more manageable than your average hairdresser would think possible. Using a technique called ‘dry cutting’, this is a haircut that caters to your curls, lifting them and letting go of the drag that pulls them down. The result is a more flattering and less bulky look. The team also specialises in coloured hair, ensuring you can have a gorgeous new hue that will complement your natural curls. curly hairdresser melbourne

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