Fertility Centre Dubai – Light Up People’s Lives With Their Futuristic IVF Treatments


In the cosmopolitan & sophisticated Middle East Medical Hub, Fertility Centre Dubai has been lighting up people’s lives with their futuristic IVF Treatments. It is one of the best Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART) that is recommended to couples who suffer from female infertility & male infertility.

The clinic is a leading gynecology and infertility center that offers comprehensive treatment packages including sperm collection, egg freezing, IVF & ICSI, hysteroscopy & laparoscopy, PRP therapy, and other services. The hospital has a team of international and highly qualified specialists who provide the highest quality of fertility care for patients from around the world.

IVF is a scientifically regulated procedure that involves combining the egg from the woman with sperm from the man outside of the body in a laboratory setting. This results in the formation of embryos which are then implanted into the uterus of the woman. IVF is a successful and cost-effective treatment for many patients.

In order to qualify for IVF, the couple must meet certain criteria. The woman must have a valid marriage certificate and must not be suffering from any ovulation problems or abnormal ovarian lining. The couple must also be free from any genetic diseases. Additionally, the couple must not be over 37 years of age. This is because women over this age are more prone to chromosomal abnormalities. Lastly, the husband must be willing to donate sperm or an egg. This is because IVF treatment uses the sperm and/or eggs of other men or women. Fertility Centre Dubai

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