Explosion Proof 3-Piece Ball Valves


Full Port, 316 Stainless, Explosion Proof 3-Piece Ball Valves
A three-piece valve is more complex than a one or two-piece, but it offers the added benefit of being easily disassembled for cleaning and servicing. This makes it possible to replace components like the stem, seat or ball without interrupting other pipe connections in your system. It also means that worn out parts can be replaced more quickly and at a lower cost than in a one or two-piece valve, saving money and time.

The body of a three-piece valve is typically solution annealed or investment cast to ensure it’s strong enough for your application. This reduces friction between the seat and body, increasing the number of cycles before the seat wears. The handle is double locked to prevent accidental movement and allows the valve to be opened or closed while under line pressure. The stem is live-loaded with blow out prevention and has online adjustment capability. The thrust washer inside the body seals the valve to reduce leakage.

These high quality, rugged, 3-piece stainless steel ball valves are ideal for process, severe service, high temperature, and high cycle applications. A redundant body seal design and stem packing make them extremely reliable for long service life. They have a wide range of trim options and end connection styles to match your specifications.

The Series WE02 is available with electric actuators in explosion-proof or weatherproof versions, a choice of supply voltages and two-position or modulating control. Actuators can be direct mounted reducing assembly costs and providing a compact solution for tight spaces. They can also be fitted with a range of limit switches to monitor position and provide status indication. Explosion Proof 3-Piece Stainless Steel Ball Valves

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