Dragon Ball Characters – Majin


MAIJIN (, lit. Magical person or magical people, also referred to as genii or demons) are the result of one of Twilight Valentine’s experiments. They have a low tolerance to magicules, a short lifespan, and an extremely high reproduction rate.

Majin have a tendency to be childish and playful, despite their powerful combat abilities. They are also able to shapeshift into the form of their opponents, making them especially dangerous foes. Majins can also change their physical appearance, allowing them to take the form of the most threatening or interesting character in an area.

The Majin race made its debut in Dragon Ball z, the series that followed the adventures of Goku and his friends. However, Toriyama created Majins and their world before Dragon Ball in a manga called Dr. Slump, which was published from 1983 to 1988.

While many fans have theorized about what could be the secret to becoming a Majin, the true answer is more complicated than just power-ups. The kais in the Dragon Ball universe provide their majin characters with power-ups that can increase their strength and speed, but the actual Majins themselves do not. This makes it a bit harder to find out how to become a Majin in real life, but there are some things you can try.

When a Saiyan becomes a Majin, it is usually because they wish to fight Goku on equal terms. This happened during the Babidi Saga when the evil wizard Babidi released Buu from a magical seal that his father Bibidi placed in an attempt to tame the savage majin’s innate evil. Vegeta became a Majin in order to defeat Buu and protect the planet from destruction, and he did so with pride.

Majins are a magical race that comes into being from the transformation of magic into flesh. They have a very high fertility rate and can reproduce asexually as well as sexually. They have a tendency to be playful and childlike, but they can also become very violent and destructive. The Majins can also transform into their enemies and even liquefy them.

In addition to their ability to transform into any of the kais, Majins can also grow in size and develop an extra limb at will. This allows them to move and attack with greater agility. They can also revert back to their original size at will by simply swallowing an excess of energy.

A Majin’s body is normally pink, but their color can vary depending on what kai they absorbed. For example, the savage Majin that absorbed two Supreme Kais turned into the fatter, more childish form of Kid Buu. In this form, his inherently evil nature was tamed by his playfulness and childish innocence. A good-natured, jolly Majin is a combination of the two forms. The Majins also have the unique ability to create a slime-like energy that can liquify and expand their bodies for a brief period of time, allowing them to dodge attacks.

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