Diesel Engine Fire Portable Fighting Pump


The Diesel engine fire portable fighting pump is a very useful tool to have on hand in the event of a fire. It can be used to extinguish the fire quickly and without damage to your property, vehicles or equipment. It can also be used to help prevent the spread of the fire and to protect others. This is a great option for anyone who is looking to purchase a fire fighting pump for their boat, RV or home.

The LD1800 is an emergency fire and bilge pump built for use in shipboard applications. This pump features an UL approved diesel engine, a water tank with float switch and an integrated battery charging system. It is designed to be easy to install and operate. The pump has a high pressure delivery and can be easily operated by one person in an emergency situation. The diesel engine is cooled by the discharged water from the pump, which flows through a heat exchanger back into the pump suction. The pump can be operated with a hand or electric start.

A fire suppression system is a must-have for any marine vessel. In addition to being a lifesaving measure, a fire suppression system can save you significant amounts of money and time by protecting your investment from costly repairs. There are several different types of fire suppression systems, but one of the most effective is a Stat-X total flooding aerosol system.

Firefighting pumps are vital to any municipality’s fire department, and many are powered by diesel technology. In the United States, there are approximately 30,000 fire departments and their major apparatuses – pumpers that flow over 1,000 gallons per minute; aerial vehicles; tankers; and brush and other suppression vehicles. These apparatuses are all diesel-powered, along with the majority of ambulances and hazardous material response units.

In a fire, a sudden and violent increase in temperature can lead to metal deterioration, electrical circuit failures, water pumps failing, fuel leaks and more. A fire suppression system can prevent the spread of a fire by automatically discharging clean-agent suppressants, keeping the temperature in the engine room at safe levels.

There are a wide variety of uses for fire fighting pumps and firefighting foam, from cleaning barges and equipment to jetting in pilings on a construction job site to irrigating crops. Riverside Pumps Premium Series pressure pumps are a good choice because of their high volume and head in a compact, portable package. The large-diameter closed impeller design provides high-pressure capability, while the exhaust priming feature draws a partial vacuum in the pump housing to speed up pump priming.

Natural disasters demonstrate the importance of diesel power first-hand. From wildfires in the west to hurricanes in the east, diesel power is critical to rescue and recovery efforts, clearing debris, restoring electricity, providing backup generators for lighting and power, reopening roads and rebuilding communities. The power, performance and reliability of diesel technology make it the technology of choice for all these critical functions.

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