Cycling Gifts For Cycling Enthusiasts


Cycling is a sport that takes its participants on many different types of rides. Whether your loved one is a roadie, mountain biker, cyclocrosser or just enjoys an easy spin around the block, there’s something for everyone. With that in mind, we’ve put together a collection of the best gifts for cyclists of all stripes.

For those who love to get out and explore, a new set of pedals can make all the difference. The Wahoo Elemnt Zero pedals are beautiful, lightweight and offer a great range of adjustment options. The rubber covers are a nice touch too, making it easier to walk in their cycling shoes without damaging the cleats.

The cliche of the cyclist hiding away in their shed to maintain their bike is pretty true, and this is one of the most useful cycling gifts you can buy. This is a great tool kit that includes everything they need to carry out basic maintenance and repairs on their bikes, and it comes with a personalised card too.

If you know someone who likes to cycle long distances, a pair of gel seat pads can be an excellent gift. These slip on over the top of existing cycling shorts to add a layer of butt protection. It’s a simple yet effective way to make sure they can go the distance, and it’s a great idea for anyone who struggles with chaffing on long rides.

The cycling enthusiast in your life will appreciate this smart new GPS unit from Wahoo. It’s packed with clever features that aren’t often seen on rival models, including smart navigation, a programmable LED array and really good smartphone app connections. It’s a top-notch piece of kit that will help them tackle new roads and push their biking to the next level.

For the cyclist who needs to recover after a long ride, Science in Sport’s recovery drinks are the perfect solution. They’re packed with a blend of proteins and carbs to help build up your muscles after pushing yourself in the saddle.

This is a lovely cycling-themed board game that’s just as much fun for non-cyclists as it is for cyclists. It’s the kind of present that you can pop in your bag for a quick play when you’re out and about, and it’ll give them something to talk about with their cycling friends.

A personalised bicycle clock is a quirky gift that your loved one will enjoy hanging on their wall. You can choose a name to be added, and it’s also possible to include a message, birthday or Christmas wish. It’s a beautiful design that will certainly be the talking point of their home. There are lots of other cycling-themed designs on offer, too. You could also pick up a tin bike bookend, a personalised bike bell or even a metal bicycle clock ornament. All of these are ideal stocking filler gifts for cyclists.

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