Converting US to EU Shoe Size Conversion Chart


If you shop internationally, it is important to know how shoe sizes are sized in other countries. Many European and Japanese brands use their own sizing systems which differ from US, UK, or Australia shoe sizes. These size conversion charts will help you understand these differences and find the right shoes for you.

When shopping online, be sure to select the correct size based on the size chart for your country of origin. This will ensure that you get the best fit and can avoid the frustration of having to return a pair of shoes. Since the foot is three dimensional, any two-dimensional measurement tool will only approximate your true shoe size.

It is also helpful to keep in mind that some shoes are cut on different lasts, which will affect the fit of the shoe. Generally, boots are cut larger than flats. This can lead to a tight fit or extra room in the toe area, so it is important to check the boot sizing chart before purchasing.

When you are comparing US, UK, or EU shoe sizes, keep in mind that men’s European shoes are typically 2 sizes smaller than men’s US shoe size. For example, a men’s US shoe size of 9 is a European shoe size 42. This makes sense since the foot is longer in men. You can use the US to EU size conversion chart to determine your exact European shoe size.shoe size eu to us

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