Conservatory Roof Replacement Cost – What You Need to Know


The most common cause of conservatory roof damage is water leaks, which can cause severe damage if left unattended. If your current conservatory roof is damaged beyond repair it could be worth paying a one-off cost to replace it rather than a series of costly repairs in the future.

The type of roof you choose will affect the price you pay. Glass roofs let in plenty of sunlight and are popular with homeowners, while polycarbonate or tiles offer a more budget-friendly alternative and superior insulation. Whatever style you choose, the best way to reduce your conservatory roof replacement costs is to ensure it complies with building regulations.

Once you’ve decided on a style of roof, it’s worth taking into account what other features you might want to include. For example, a decorative finish or coloured coating can transform the appearance of your conservatory, whilst also helping to regulate the temperature and making it more comfortable to use throughout the year.

The other thing to consider is the size of your new roof. A larger roof will naturally cost more to supply and install. Additionally, any extra features you may wish to add will impact on the overall cost, such as opening vents or windows. Sheet specification can also increase your costs, as thicker and UV protected sheets will be more expensive than standard. Finally, access to your existing conservatory and the state of it will impact on labour costs. conservatory roof replacement cost

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