Cloud Gavel and the Law Enforcement Community


Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, cloud gavel operates as an Information Technology business. The company offers warrant processing, document processing, data analytics and custom developed solutions to the Law Enforcement and Judicial communities. cloud gavel provides a unified platform that allows Officers and Judges to review eWarrants from anywhere using an internet connected device. This platform is specifically designed to quickly share and process information between users, decreasing processing time, errors and waiting.

For example, during a DUI/DWI arrest, a Trooper will log into the system and begin the request for a search warrant. The on call judge receives the request within minutes and approves it. The Trooper is then able to drive to the medical facility authorized for blood draw and get a sample before normal dissipation reduces the true BAC reading.

The unified platform also allows for a complete audit trail to ensure proper procedure is followed during application and approval of various eWarrants. Additionally, officers are able to use the eWarrant platform from any computer or mobile device, allowing them to work outside of the office and on the road.

XIRA, the parent company of cloud gavel, continues to enhance the software with innovative functionality (coming soon electronic signature capabilities) that allows solo practitioners and small firms to spend more of their billable time on client-facing matters. The newest feature, Gavel Blueprint, leverages generative AI to enable legal professionals to create document automation workflows with the click of a button.

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