Buying a Camping Fridge For Your 4WD


A camping fridge keeps your food and drinks cold and iced without the need to dump in a big bag of melted ice every time. They come in a range of sizes to suit any adventure, from a couple’s weekend away or family trip to a full-sized fridge to feed your crew for a week or more.

They use a battery to power a compressor which in turn cools the interior using refrigerant. The fridge draws on average 1 amp per hour and a typical size consumes 24 amp hours per day (see our article ‘Understanding 12V Fridge and Solar Setups for Your 4WD’ for more information). Alternatively, they run from gas and require a dedicated gas system in your vehicle.

Depending on the model, these camping fridges can also use an internal thermoelectric generator to reduce electrical consumption and increase energy efficiency. Some also have Bluetooth and WiFi connection to a mobile phone app, allowing you to monitor power use and historical temperature data.

Many brands offer a range of mounting kits that ensure your fridge is secured to the roof or floor of your vehicle and can be easily removed when you get to camp. You’ll want to ensure the mounts are strong enough to keep the fridge secure in the event of a bump or impact, and that they match up with tie-down points in your vehicle. They may also have mounting brackets for additional secure attachment options. camping refrigerator

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