A button head socket cap screw is used to secure the holes of two or more mating parts and components. These screws are commonly found in the automotive, electronics and manufacturing industries because of their versatility, raised dome head and durability. They can be tightened using an allen wrench or hex key, and most offer a clean aesthetic appearance without stampings or markings.

These fasteners are available in a wide range of materials and sizes. When selecting a button head cap screw, it’s important to consider factors like load-bearing capability, environmental conditions, and the material’s tensile strength. It’s also important to ensure that the screw is installed properly, as incorrect installation can damage or reduce a screw’s load-bearing capacity.

Button head socket cap screws are often used in construction projects where space is limited or other types of fasteners would snag on moving machinery. The low-profile head design of these fasteners allows them to be installed into tight spaces where a standard socket cap screw isn’t appropriate, and their rounded head provides a safer alternative to other fasteners that may snag on moving equipment. Their rounded head also offers a wider bearing surface that prevents the screw from loosening over time. In addition, they are generally stronger than traditional socket cap screws and can be tightened to higher torque specifications. They are also available in a variety of sizes and finishes, making them a versatile option for construction projects. button head cap screw

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