Brush Machinery – Advances in Technology


In the last century brush machinery has advanced at a rapid pace. Whether it is to meet changing industrial requirements or to keep up with the demands of our ever-changing lifestyles, there is no question that new technology continues to improve production processes.

The first brushes were hand made in the 1700’s, but it was the Victorians that really mechanised brush making, creating new products that revolutionised cleaning in homes, workplaces and factories. In addition to improving the quality of brushing and reducing labour costs, these machines also provided an innovative way for consumers to buy a brush that was specifically designed to meet their needs.

At Roth Composite Machinery, we manufacture and supply high-quality brush machines for a wide range of applications. From a single brush machine for the production of push and multi-level brooms to fully automated solutions, we provide a wide range of high-performance equipment to suit every application. Our product portfolio includes everything from standard wire-twisting machines, tufting systems, flagging units and cleaners to finishing machinery for brushes up to 900 mm (36”).

We are proud to offer the best in brush technology. This is why our machines are backed up by dedicated technical support from a team of highly trained, experienced professionals. Using our extensive knowledge of the industry, we can help you select the best machinery to achieve the results you are looking for. Our machines can be configured to meet your exact requirements, ensuring you get the most from your investment.

Whether you are producing industrial power brushes, wheel brushes or other types of brush heads, the right segmentation is crucial for high-quality, durable brushes. Our machine portfolio combines a high level of automation with a variety of fill materials, fill densities and diameters for efficient segment production.

The GIOTTO is the ultimate solution for producing high-quality brush tufts. Developed in conjunction with the world-renowned Roth Composite Machinery, this cutting edge machine enables you to produce a wide variety of tufted brush types using all kinds of natural and synthetic fibres, including animal hair. The GIOTTO is ideal for the production of high-quality brushes up to 900 mm (36”) in length and works with most stem-wire materials, ranging from steel wire to synthetic filaments and even natural wood fibres.

Our deburring machines are the ideal solution for achieving precise edge radii, especially when combined with a tufting process. They combine deburring action with the tufting function to eliminate the need for separate units and ensure a consistent, precise finish. These robust, high-performance systems are designed to be used directly in-line with a tufting machine, saving time and money.

The shaft brushes and demagnetization equipment we manufacture have been solving problems caused by residual magnetic fields since wind turbines began generating electricity. These magnetic fields can create severe operating losses in industrial and power plant equipment. Our machines can significantly reduce these losses by removing or reducing the magnetic fields around critical components such as shafts, bearings and gearboxes.

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