Best Pick Up Lines For Tinder


One of the best ways to get a conversation going on Tinder or any other dating app is with a cheeky pick up line. It’s not always easy to know what to say, though. You might be worried you’ll come off as cheesy or too clever by half, but a little bit of confidence can make all the difference.

The right pickup line can shatter any initial awkwardness, allowing you to spark meaningful conversations and put you on the fast track to date number one. So, if you’re ready to level up your flirting game, read on for the best pick up lines that’ll have her blushing, smiling, laughing and going all heart eyes emoji.

While the best pick up lines may be cliche, they’ll still work if you deliver them with the right amount of suave confidence and genuine curiosity about her. After all, women can smell desperation, so it’s important to be clear in your intention.

In addition to being great conversation starters, pick up lines can also help you learn vocabulary and play with meanings of words in a playful way. For example, if someone mentions they hate licorice, you can use a cheesy pickup line like “You pop, sparkle and buzz electric!” to show that you have a sense of humor and are playful in your approach. This will help you stand out from the sea of men who are neither respectful nor bold enough to make their intentions clear.

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