CBD, or cannabidiol, has become a massive hit with wellness fans who say it’s helped them deal with sleep issues including insomnia and stress. In fact, the ingredient has been shown to help balance our endocannabinoid systems which are responsible for mood, appetite and sleep cycles. As the world shifts away from harmful cannabis (which contains psychoactive THC) and towards the more natural plant, we’ve seen an influx of products like CBD oils that are designed to improve sleep.

The problem is, most of these products use low doses of CBD, isolate (pure CBD) or a combination of the two which means you don’t get the full entourage effect that could maximise your sleep. And while a lack of regulation has made it easy for some brands to claim that their product is the best CBD for sleep UK, it’s been difficult for us to find a truly effective one that hasn’t been hyped by celebrities.

That is until we stumbled across Charlotte’s Web. Their company is based around the story of a young girl with seizures, who saw huge improvements in her condition thanks to CBD oil. Their product range is vast – from CBD gummies and sleep drops to CBD bath bombs, dog treats and a cooling skin gel. But the brand’s most comprehensive offering is their CBD sleep tincture, which can be taken orally or inhaled via a vaporiser.

This is one of our top picks because it uses a combination of sleep inducing ingredients that are proven to aid relaxation and help you doze off. Instead of melatonin, which can be addictive and is a powerful stimulant, the formula replaces it with a blend of amino acids like 5-HTP and GABA, plus natural herbs such as passion flower, California poppy and lavender that promote sleep and calm the mind. We found it helped us to doze off, woke up feeling less groggy and didn’t give us that hazy feeling you often get with melatonin.

Another brand with a great backstory is Evopure, who specialise in using bespoke combinations of high quality broad spectrum CBD oil with additional herbal sleep supplements to boost results. Their Amber 42 voted the best CBD for sleep and also helps reduce PTSD, arthritis pain and menopausal symptoms, with only a very low level of THC – meaning it’s perfectly legal to take if you live in the UK.

For those who prefer to ingest their CBD directly, Select CBD offer a UK focused range with a zero percent THC content and a dedicated UK website. They’ve been praised by major publications, have a solid customer rating and independent lab tests show that their product is high quality. Their only downside is their shipping time, but it’s worth the wait for a pure broad spectrum CBD oil that’s made to the highest standards. Best CBD for Sleep UK

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