Jeeter Pre Roll are high-potency joints that contain locally sourced premium cannabis flower with an added boost of potency by way of a kief coating. They are available in both infused and non-infused forms and come in a variety of flavors.

Baby Jeeter Infused Pre-Roll

These small 0.5g infused joints are made up of premium indoor weed flower that is coated with sparkling kief crystals and high-purity cannabis distillate for a mind-blowing extra punch. Each joint is crafted with a glass tip for a smooth smoking experience and comes in a variety of different strains to suit your tastes.


This strain combines the flavors of citrus and berries with a hint of fresh, damp earth and tropical flowers. Its mellow, relaxing high will make you forget about everything that is weighing on your mind and put you in a place where you can really unwind.

Baby Jeeter Infused Mini Joints are the perfect size for a microdose, or even catching a quick buzz before you go to bed. Each pack contains 5 small pre-rolls containing 0.5g of top-shelf weed that is infused with cannabis distillate for an added boost of flavor and strength.

They are also available in a more potent non-infused version that contains only 0.35g of flower per unit. They are available in a wide variety of different strains, including Baby Blue Zkittlez, XL Cat Piss, and XL Peach Ringz.

The name “Jeeter” is a slang term from South Florida, and it originated when people would refer to their weed joints as a “jeeter”. It is now the brand name of a company that serves mostly California residents.

These infused pre-rolls are one of the most popular forms of cannabis in California. They are convenient, easy to carry, and come in a variety of strains and flavors.

Gelato #33 is a hybrid strain that originated from the Cookie Fam of the Bay Area. Bred by Oni Seed Co, it fuses GSC and Tangie OG genetics to create an infusion of sweet citrus and fruity flavors.

It produces dense, compact buds that are covered with fiery orange hairs and have a sweet minty scent. Its effects are uplifting and energetic, making it a great strain for an early morning wake-up or post-work activity.

The ideal strain for outdoor smoking in hot weather

Because Infused Mai Tai can withstand high temperatures, it is the perfect choice for outdoor smoking. It can withstand the heat and provide a strong, stable high that is perfect for kicking back and enjoying the sun with friends.

The strain can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors, but it is recommended to smoke indoors if you want a stronger high. It has a high THC content that will keep you feeling euphoric for longer and can be used to treat pain, insomnia, appetite loss, and muscle spasms.

It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is highly effective at relieving stress and depression, without causing drowsiness or fatigue. It also gives you a clear-headed, focused mental state that is able to help you stay productive and focused on your tasks.

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