Blossoms by the Park – The Best Places to See Them in Spring


There are few things as sweet as a stroll through the blossoms of spring. Whether it’s the smell of flowers or the sight of petals falling from trees, this enchanting time of year is one that brings the entire family together and leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated. Thankfully, we have some of the best spots in the world to experience this natural phenomenon right here at home.

Blossoms by the Park Ranging from deep magenta to pale pink to crisp white, Central Park’s cherry trees are a must-see in spring. And with this year’s warm winter, they’re blooming much earlier than usual — making it a great time to visit the city to see them in their full glory.

The National Park Service’s website explains that the peak bloom period for the flowers is “nearly impossible to forecast more than 10 days in advance,” but there are plenty of places you can go and get your hands on a view of these delicate blossoms. Check out the map below to see where they’re blooming in real-time, and plan your visit accordingly!

Brooklyn Botanic Garden (East Side, mid-park between 67th and 69th Streets): The park is home to 26 varieties of cherry blossoms. Here, visitors can take pictures with the sakura while they’re in bloom and explore the Japanese garden throughout the season. The esplanade, which is lined with cherry trees, is also a popular place to walk and admire the riot of color.

Branch Brook Park, located in Belleville and Newark, NJ, is home to more than 5,200 Japanese flowering cherry trees. During the annual Essex County Cherry Blossom Festival, the trees burst into bloom from April 2-10, 2022.

Berkeley College North Court, West 63rd Street and Berkeley Avenue: If you’re looking for a more private place to appreciate the park’s cherry blossoms, this college campus is the perfect choice. This quaint campus is dotted with clusters of delicate cherry trees and features sidewalks studded with petals, creating the feel of the aisles at a wedding.

Yale Center for Language Studies, East Asian Languages Department: If you’re looking for a quiet place to enjoy the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC, then Yale Center for Language Studies is a good option. The awe-inspiring East Asian Languages Department is home to a number of cherry trees that are especially beautiful in the early stages of their bloom.

Picacho Peak State Park, South of Lost Dutchman: A scenic hour and a half drive from Lost Dutchman, this state park is a lovely spot to see the Sonoran desert in its prime during the spring bloom. A paved trail and picnic tables are available in this gorgeous area, which is home to lupine, poppies, brittle bush, and a variety of other wildflowers.

Unlike Washington, DC’s trees, which have been gift-wrapped and shipped from Japan, Oregon’s are native to the region. The Historical Commission and Parks Department planted 72 cherry trees in 1973, which have grown to become a main draw for both locals and tourists alike.

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