Bedside touch lamps are a convenient way to light your bedroom without fumbling with a switch or flipping on a bulb. They also make it easy to adjust the brightness level. In addition, some models offer additional features like USB charging ports and color-changing lights.

Top Touch Lamps for Your Nightstand

When shopping for a touch lamp, look for a stylish design that’ll blend with your decor. You’ll want something that’s durable enough to last for years. And of course, you’ll want to pay attention to the price.

Best Overall: UNIFUN Touch Table Lamp

If you want a stylish, functional touch lamp with plenty of options, this portable model from UNIFUN is worth considering. It features a white light mode with five brightness levels, as well as an impressive multicolor setting to create over 256 combinations. In addition, the conical design with a plastic wood-colored base adds a sense of sophistication to its aesthetic.

This lamp is perfect for illuminating a small space or for reading, and it’s available in different colors to complement your decor. Plus, it comes with a handy remote control that you can use to pick a color or set up an auto-cycle for the lights to change.

The touch panel is accessible from any angle, so it’s simple to use and easy to reach even for those with limited mobility. And it has a handy power switch on top to keep the lamp safely off while you sleep.

Another great thing about these touch lamps is that they’re virtually unbreakable and won’t be subject to the same damage as traditional lamps. The external switches of a classic lamp can become gummed up with dust, sloughed off skin cells, and oil, causing the lamp to break down or function poorly over time.

Some touch lamps have a metal base with a soft fabric shade to diffuse the light and remove the risk of blinding yourself if you catch the lamp at the wrong angle. The base has a convenient dimmer, too, to help you adjust the light to your liking.

Its three-way rotary socket allows you to select between two bulb styles: soft white or a brighter, more energy-efficient LED bulb. Its light-filtering fabric shade provides an inviting glow for your bedroom, while the low profile means you can place it on a narrow nightstand or tiniest of tables.

The lamp also comes with a sturdy, lightweight base that’s designed to fit standard and energy-saving LED bulbs. You can pair it with your preferred bulb style, and the two-way switch on the power cord makes it a breeze to turn on or off.

The touch panel is effortless to operate anywhere on the metal base, and it offers a three-way dimmable option for accent lighting, a nightlight, and proper high comfortable brightness for studying or working. It also has a dual USB charging port to ensure that your devices always stay charged.

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